3rd Nijmegen Prostate Cancer Prospect

vrijdag, 24 september, 2021 tot zaterdag, 25 september, 2021

This international conference will cover state-of-the-art, novel and future aspects on prostate cancer care, from diagnostic aspects during staging, to therapeutic applications. The presentations will be arranged in sections which focus on local prostate cancer, low volume disease, local recurrent and metastatic mCRPC as well as future perspectives. 

An international group of experts in the field will present their work, including Hofman/Hicks (Melbourne), Anwar Padhani and Nick James (UK), Piet Ost (Belgium), Jochen Walz (France), Samer Ezziddin and Bernd Krause (Germany), Edwin Cuppen, Jurgen Fütterer, Henk van der Poel and Fijs van Leeuwen (Netherlands) among others. 

The local faculty includes James Nagarajah, Fred Verzijlbergen, Patrik Zámecnik, Inge van Oort, Fred Witjes, Niven Mehra and Winald Gerritsen. 

Information and registration on www.radboudumc.nl/nijmegenprostatecancerprospects